REHADAT-Assistive Products

The REHADAT-Assistive Products portal provides information on assistive products and their provision for people with disabilities, severe disabilities or health restrictions.

The assistive products are divided into separate fields such as workplace, mobility, household or communication and are described in detail. Pictures, non-binding prices for orientation, product characteristics, manufacturer and sales addresses are included. Court decisions (e.g. for meeting the costs), literature (e.g. test reports), case studies (e.g. for assistive product use at the workplace) and addresses (e.g. advice centres) complement the product description.

REHADAT-Assistive Products creates and updates product descriptions in cooperation with three documentation centres. The assistive products are systematically organised based on the international classification ISO 9999, "Assistive Products for People with Disabilities". Description collection and updating is free of charge for manufacturers and distributors. Currently almost 20.000 assistive products have been recorded.


The REHADAT-Assistive Products portal is offered within the framework of the REHADAT information system. In Germany, REHADAT offers a range of information on disability and vocational integration. Information about assistive products, as well as case studies, literature, research, law, addresses, workshops and seminars can be found under:

Approximately 100.000 entries are regularly updated and linked with external information on the internet.

The information offered by REHADAT is free of charge and is aimed at people with disabilities and to all those who support their professional integration.

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REHADAT is a service by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW Köln), funded by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS).