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Einstellbares Auslegerset für MCP-Flexion

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Extnsion Set for MCP Flexion

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Einstellbares Auslegerset für MCP-Flexion

Features / Components:

- enough space for four finger bar adjusters
- freedom of thumb movement is not restricted
- optionally usable thumb rest; Included
- Thumb rest can be mounted on the jib vertical bar
- Bars and stick adjusters are easy to apply and set

Set items:

- 2 pre-bent jib wires
- 5 bars each - End caps
- Bar adjuster
- 10 cm long, tension-adjustable finger loops
- self-adhesive D-ring band
- D-ring band for attaching rubber bands or feathers
- complete instructions for making
- Materials for static base, rubber bands and bands are sold separately

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Smith & Nephew plc
15 Adam Street
WC2N 6LA London
United Kingdom Telephone: +44 20 74017646 Homepage:


RUSSKA Ludwig Bertram GmbH
Im Torfstich 7
30916 Isernhagen
Germany Telephone: 05136 9759-0 Email: Homepage:

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