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Lernsoftware Ecopolicy

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Simulation Game and Strategy Game

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Lernsoftware Ecopolicy

Areas of Application:

Vocational Training


Frederic Vester, the father of networked thinking, has created a cybernetic computer game to playfully engage with the complexities of our world.

ecopolicy® allows young people, adults, managers and politicians to playfully engage in dealing with complexity, to deal with complex systems and the high dynamics associated with networking on the basis of networked thinking, and to work on solutions for a sustainable future.

Cybernetic Simulation
Sub The motto is: Play helps understand steer and develop the students realistic play countries such as the industrialized country Cybernetien, the emerging country Kybinnien and the developing country Kyborien. The game simulates the impact of game decisions and creates understanding for the ecological, economic and social contexts.

Own game variants
If the strategy is successful, the simulation can be redesigned according to your own ideas, allowing for unlimited variations of gameplay.

ecopolicy® is for Single players of all ages as well as for use in the group and in schools, as a simulation game in seminars and workshops for politics and management.

System thinking in school beyond the game
With the ecopolicyade is established for students and teachers a base, concretely learning how to deal with complexity. In a second phase, the competition for the experienced students and winning teams will be continued on the basis of the sensitivity model according to Prof.Vester. With this professional software tool, pupils and teachers model and simulate their own complex questions beyond the game (eg topics like How am I successful in my job or How should our region develop in a future-oriented way or How can our school get better?) , The sensitivity model is commonly used in management and research for dealing with complex issues. Using the model opens up completely new ways for the young people and schools to work on complex topics and projects in a professional, interactive and networked way.

Features / Components:

- CD-ROM drive
- Windows-supported sound card and Speakers
- Windows-supported mouse and keyboard
- Windows Media Player 9.0 or higher

Price (without guarantee):

45.00 EUR including VAT (recommended retail price)

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malik international AG
Geltenwilenstr. 16
9000 St. Gallen
Switzerland Telephone: +41 71 2743400 Email: Homepage:


malik international AG
Geltenwilenstr. 16
9000 St. Gallen
Switzerland Telephone: +41 71 2743400 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Operating system: all Windows operating systems incl. Windows 7
Memory: at least 32 MB main memory and at least 433 MHz
Graphics card: at least VGA graphics, 16 bit colors or more
Supported screen resolutions: 1024 x 768 and 800 x 600



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