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Cooker monitoring for electric cookers

Areas of Application:

- Dementia
- Memory impairment


The hearth sensor switches the stove off before it becomes the hearth. It is suitable for all electrical stoves.

The hearth monitor consists of three modules - the sensor unit, the control unit and the water leakage sensor.
The sensor unit detects abrupt temperature rises and unusual movements. If there is no movement on the stove when the temperature rises, the sensor alerts. The control unit is connected to the sensor unit by radio. If the alarm is triggered, it can be acknowledged at the sensor within 15 seconds. Otherwise the current supply is interrupted and the stove cools down.
The water leakage sensors prevent water damage in the kitchen. They trigger an alarm as soon as the sensors come into contact with water. Thus, defects of the supply and water supply in the kitchen are quickly recognized.

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