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Assistive Product Bodenindikator: Begleitstreifen

Product Type:

- Accompanying Strips
- Tactile / Optical Floor Material
- Floor Indicator
- Guidance System for the Blind
- Guidance System for the Visually Impaired

Areas of Application:

- for blind people
- for visually impaired people
- for orientation in road traffic
- Guidance System
- for traffic area design


Tactile orientation aids enable blind and visually impaired people to orient themselves more easily in road traffic. Accompanying strips are installed on one or both sides next to guidance systems with a studded or grooved structure. The contrast in structure and color makes them stand out visually from the dimpled or grooved panels and makes it easier to distinguish the guidance system from the normal road surface.

For easier acoustic differentiation, accompanying strips are made of concrete so that a change in the pavement can also be perceived through an acoustic change. Thanks to good color and luminance contrast, the accompanying strips are also easier for the visually impaired to recognize and distinguish.

Application example:
To ensure tactile contrast, companion strips must be at least 60 cm wide; for visual contrast, companion strips of at least 30 cm are required. On platforms, single-sided companion strips should always be arranged on the side of the guardrail facing away from the tr

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09114 Chemnitz
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Fischweg 27
09114 Chemnitz
Germany Telephone: 0371 4725-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Overall width (cm): 29.7 - 30
Overall length (cm): 29.7 - 30
Overall height (cm): 2.5 - 8
Weight (kg): 4 - 17

- Colors: anthracite and concrete gray

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Last Update: 4 Mar 2022