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hamet 2 - Testmaterial zur Berufsorientierung hamet e

Product Type:

Test material for vocational orientation
HAMET: Motor skills test

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  1. hamet e Modul 1 - Basiskompetenzen
  2. hamet e Modul 1 - Basiskompetenzen
  3. hamet 2 Modul 1 - Basiskompetenzen
  4. hamet 2 Modul 2 - Lernfähigkeit
  5. hamet 2 Modul 4 - Vernetztes Denken

Areas of Application:

- professional diagnostics
- special needs schools (8th and 9th grade)
- vocational schools (BVJ)
- Vocational training centers and other rehabilitation Facilities
- Workshops for disabled people
- Companies
- Vocational orientation
- Competency assessment for people with experience in flight


The hamet 2 is an action-oriented test procedure for the acquisition and promotion of vocational skills of young people with higher educational needs.
Consists of six modules hamet 2 essential requirements of education and the profession and shows opportunities for individual support.

The hamet e is an action-oriented test procedure for recording and promoting elementary manual motor skills of people with higher needs, for example in workshops for people with disabilities. As an independent test procedure, hamet e complements hamet 2 module 1 in the differentiation of the lower performance range.

Features / Components:

- Module 1: Basic Competences (manual-motor skills, PC competence)
- Module 2: Learning Capability
- Module 3: Social Competencies
- Module 4: Networked Thinking - Troubleshooting and Problem Identification
- Module P: for One-Day Use in Potential Analysis
- Module K: Competency Assessment in Business and Economics
- Module F: Competency Assessment in Humans with experience of flight


User training:
The hamet 2 can be run by trained work teachers, training masters, skilled teachers and psychologists d
The BBW Waiblingen offers several days of training for the application and evaluation

Price (without guarantee):

The prices are available through the Diakonie Stetten and the BBW Waiblingen.

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hamet 2
hamet e

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Diakonie Stetten e.V.
Schlossberg 2
71394 Kernen-Stetten
Germany Telephone: 07151 940-0 Email: Homepage:


Diakonie Stetten e.V.
Schlossberg 2
71394 Kernen-Stetten
Germany Telephone: 07151 940-0 Email: Homepage:

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