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Painmate pen

Product Type:

Stimulator for pain treatment / nerve stimulator

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  3. Painmate pen

Areas of Application:

- Reduction of pain conditions (in the nerve and muscle area)
- Reduction of migraine symptoms
- Relaxation (especially for sore muscles)
- Reduction of toothache
- Reduction of phantom pain (e.g. . B. after amputations)
- Effect on psychological well-being (depression, tiredness, feeling of hunger when losing weight)


- Sports injuries
- Arthritis

Features / Components:

- Technique: TNS (transcutaneous nerve stimulation)
- Generation minimal electrical impulses at the push of a button
- selective stimulation of the painful area
- functional without batteries and power supply

Price (without guarantee):

24.90 EUR
(retail price including VAT)
Price date: 22.02.2021

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Parissa Tadjik
Friedhofstr. 21
21244 Buchholz in der Nordheide
Germany Telephone: 04181 3608480 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Weight: 40 g
Length: 12.5 cm
Diameter: 2 cm



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