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App for communication for iPad

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Areas of Application:

- Autism
- Speech disorder


The Quasselkiste enables the use of an iPad for augmentative and alternative communication. It has a fixed picture keyboard with 60 fields and provides access to an extensive vocabulary that can be easily expanded and adapted, but also reduced to facilitate entry.
The Quasselkiste can be used by anyone who benefits from the use of AAC. The person using the app composes desired statements from the pre-memorized content consisting mainly of single words. The app offers the possibility to formulate grammatically correct statements as well as any messages with the font keyboard.
Quasselkiste is suitable for people of all ages. The concept of the fixed picture keyboard is particularly well received by people with autism spectrum disorder, who usually learn and automate the motor patterns associated with each statement very quickly.

Features / Components:

- The chatterbox provides opportunities for the formation of different word forms
- Vocabulary management allows to show and hide vocabulary that is not needed
- Word search allows to quickly find statements stored in the vocabulary.
- Analyze the use of the app to plan further support.
- Word prediction speeds up the formulation of spelled messages.
- Text modules allow quick retrieval of frequently used messages in writing mode.

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Prentke Romich GmbH
Karthäuserstr. 3
34117 Kassel
Germany Telephone: 0561 78559-0 Email: Homepage:


Prentke Romich GmbH
Karthäuserstr. 3
34117 Kassel
Germany Telephone: 0561 78559-0 Email: Homepage:

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