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Hase Spezial-Pedale

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Special pedal with flexible calf holder

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Hase Spezial-Pedale


The calf holder prevents the knee from tipping sideways when pedaling. But it gives the ankle the mobility it needs for a round kick. With a completely fixed joint, the muscles could otherwise recede.

Features / Components:

- adjustable elastomer mounting
- continuously adjustable
- standard thread 9/16 (OD 14.3 mm)
- left or right pedal

Price (without guarantee):

299.00 EUR incl.VAT (MeinVelo eK)
end price

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Hase Bikes
Hiberniastr. 2
45731 Waltrop
Germany Telephone: 02309 9377-0 Email: Homepage:


MainVelo e.K.
Alt Harheim 27
60437 Frankfurt am Main
Germany Telephone: 06101 48958 Email: Homepage:

Walter Haverich GmbH
Striegauer Str. 13
33719 Bielefeld
Germany Telephone: 0521 92472-30 Email: Homepage:

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