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Assistive Product NVDA Open-Source-Screenreader

Product Type:


Areas of Application:

  • Blindness
  • Visual Impairment


The NVDA screenreader converts screen content to speech or outputs it to a Braille line. Blind and many visually impaired people cannot perceive the content of the visual user interface (GUI). Therefore, they need a bridge that converts the GUI content into a form they can use - that's what the screen reader does. NVDA is an open source screen reader for Windows and is available for free. NVDA is portable - that is, the blind person can put their screen reader on a USB stick or CD-ROM, go to the internet cafe with it, and just surf the web.

Features / Components:

  • Supports popular programs such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, email clients, internet chat software, and Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Built-in speech synthesis supports more than 50 languages, plus third-party voices.
  • Outputs text formatting such as size and font
  • Automatically reads text aloud under mouse pointing as well as mouse position indication.
  • Support for all common Braille output devices.
  • Can be run from USB stick without installation.
  • Easy to use talking installer.
  • Supports Windows logon screen and other screen content for authentication.
  • Touchscreen support.

Price (without guarantee):

The product is open source and available for free.

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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NV Access
4067 St Lucia South
Australia Telephone: +61 7 31493306 Email: Homepage:


NV Access
4067 St Lucia South
Australia Telephone: +61 7 31493306 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Operating System: All 32-bit and 64-bit Windows versions from Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2
Processor: 1 ghz or higher
RAM: 256 MB or more
Memory: 90 MB

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Last Update: 5 May 2023