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Milestone 312 Ace Milestone 312 Ace WiFi

Product Type:

Multifunctional device

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Milestone 312 Ace

Areas of Application:

- for blind or visually impaired people
- for one-handed operation


The device integrates the functionality of a voice recording device, music player, text player, audio book player, radio, game device, alarm clock, clock and calendar. The newly released model 312 Ace WiFi also has a built-in WLAN module and audio transmission via Bluetooth. This makes it possible to listen to the radio over the Internet (web radio), query the weather and forecast. The direct search and lending of DAISY audio books is in the test phase.
Retrofitting of the WLAN and Bluetooth module in an existing Milestone 312 Ace is possible.

Features / Components:

- Housing made of impact-resistant plastic
- Built-in, Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
- with loudspeaker and headphone connection
- USB_connection
- audio playback and recordings possible
- text playback (in 19 languages)
- SD memory card and internal flash memory
- playback speed adjustable
- integrated clock
- time stamp for news
- alarm function
- several compatible formats
- listening to the radio over the Internet (only with 312 Ace WiFi) - weather information and forecast (only with 312 Ace WiFi) - playback on Bluetooth headphones and speakers (only with 312 Ace WiFi)

Price (without guarantee):

Price available on request from the manufacturer / distributor

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Bones AG
Güterstr. 8
8245 Feuerthalen
Switzerland Telephone: +41 52 672282-5 Email: Homepage:


fluSoft Spezial Computer Technik
Ulf Beckmann und Jan Mitzscherlich - Gesellschaft des bürgerlichen Rechts -
Tannenstr. 2
01099 Dresden
Germany Telephone: 0351 40457-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Internal memory: 12 GB
External memory: SD, SD-HC memory card up to 32 GB
Dimensions: 85 x 54 x 14 mm
Weight: 55 grams
Maximum charging time: 3 hours



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Last Update: 4 Dec 2020