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Product Type:

screen keyboard

Areas of Application:

- Keyboard replacement for controlling a computer,
- If a computer keyboard cannot be operated due to existing movement restrictions, e.g. For example:
- quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy


Virtual keyboard, especially intended for users with physical disabilities; displays a keyboard on the screen so that the individual letters can be clicked with the mouse, for example; also copies the entered text to the clipboard at the push of a button.

Features / Components:

- Display of keyboard and special characters on the screen
- Selection of characters via a pointing device with a mouse click or automatically after an adjustable dwell time
- Selection with a keyboard key ( for example: space bar) or with an external key in the scanning possible
- own layout variants can be created
- also assignment of character strings (words) for keyboard buttons possible (macro function)
- colors, fonts and transparency can be set as required
- integrated word prediction (based on word lists, Word list can be edited)
- Compatible with all Windows text programs

System requirements:
- Windows version 95 or higher

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