Assistive Product Natural Voices

Product Type:

Speech synthesizer

Areas of Application:

Visual impairment
Speech impairment


Natural Voices is speech synthesis software which, in conjunction with a sound card, allows a written text to be converted into speech (text-to-speech) and to have it pronounced in German with a male or female voice. Natural Voices is supported by some screen readers for visually impaired and blind people, by some software-based communication aids for non-speaking people as well as by other programs.

Features / Components:

- Available as software
- Emphasis in sentence reading mode (sentence melody)
- Exception dictionary for special or different pronunciation
- integrated name database for first and last names
- language can also be interrupted within words
- control codes for pauses, intonations, DTMF tones, etc. Speech output) with additional linking algorithms
- supports Microsoft SAPI 4.0, 5.0 and 5.1
- supports SSML components of VoiceXML and SAPI interface standards
- SAPI interface and SSIL-compliant software
- for screen readers: ZoomText, Jaws, OutSpoken, Virgo , WindowEyes
- supports the Speech Access Manager (SAM) from Dolphin
- e.g. B. for screen readers HAL, SuperNova, LunarPlus
- available languages are German, US & UK English, French, Spanish (Latin American)

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fluSoft Spezial Computer Technik
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01099 Dresden
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