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Assistive Product JAWS 2021

Product Type:


Areas of Application:

  • Blindness
  • Visual Impairment


The JAWS (Job Access With Speech) screen reader enables blind and visually impaired people to access the PC. The screen content is output via speech output or a Braille display.

Features / Components:

  • special Internet features such as: Navigation quick keys, link and frame lists, a form mode and reading HTML tables
  • labels can be assigned or changed for both speech and Braille
  • speech synthesizer compatibility
German, English (American and British), Finnish, French (French and Canadian),Italian, Spanish (Castilian and South American), Brazilian Portuguese

Speech output:
via common sound cards with integrated speech synthesis Eloquence
Other supported speech outputs:
Apollo 2, Braille'n Speak, DECtalk, Double Talk, FlexTalk, Juno, Keynote (PC, SA and PCMCIA), Infovox 500/700/220/230/330, Soundblaster with TextAssist, Speak andWin and others

Braille display compatibility:
  • Braille monitor
  • Output on all commercially available Braille displays
  • JAWS supports Braille displays from the following manufacturers:
  • ALVA, Blazie,Engineering, Handy Tech, Tiemann (not all functions supported)
  • Telesensory, Papenmeier (not all functions supported), B&M (not all functions supported)
Software compatibility:
  • Windows startup functions controllable with speech output and Braille display
  • logon to network possible
  • start programs from desktop possible
  • use of taskbar and task manager possible
  • automatic detection of empty data areas of an application
  • access to context menu and elements of system menu possible
  • file management with Windows Explorer possible
  • system messages controllable
  • allows reading of PDF documents (also protected documents from Acrobat)
  • supports MS Internet Explorer 7 and Mozilla Firefox as well as other Internet programs
  • supports all standard Windows programs and other common applications
  • individual adaptations to different PC applications
  • speaking installation process
  • manual and help documentation available online, on data carrier and Braille

Price (without guarantee):

Prices are available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.


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Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

Weitere Details des Herstellers
Neuerungen der Version 2021
Weitere Details des Vertriebs (Papenmeier)
Weitere Details des Vertriebs (Rohrmüller)

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AASB Arbeitsplatz - Ausstattung für Sehbehinderte und Blinde
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91126 Schwabach
Germany Telephone: 09122 82404 Email: Homepage:

F.H. Papenmeier GmbH & Co.KG
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58239 Schwerte
Germany Telephone: 02304 2050 Email: Homepage:

IPD Infosystem Produktion und Distribution GmbH
Würzburger Str. 8 A
30880 Laatzen
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