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Here you can search specifically for assistive products. To narrow the search you can fill out multiple fields in this search mask.

Further down the page at the end of the search mask, below the heading "Search Tips" you can find a list with some hints how to use the search mask.
Important Hint:
After most of the input fields there is a link to open an alphabetical index of search terms. Clicking the link the alphabetical index is not displayed directly after that link! Instead the index will be displayed below the search tips after the last form input field and can easily be recognized by its specific heading.


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Lists A-Z: They show all the entries of a search field, from here go directly to the information

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  • Key words as nouns in the singular (upper and lower case is possible)
  • Asterisk-wildcard (*) represents any character at the beginning and / or at the end of a word
  • Several keywords are connected with UND: the resulting amount is reduced - all keywords are found in the results
  • Several keywords are connected with ODER: the resulting amount is increased - at least one of the keywords is found in the results