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Product Type:

Adjustable Spoon with Hand Strap

Areas of Application:

- Movement Restriction
- Hand Disability
- Right-handedness
- Left-handedness


The front part of the spoon can be turned to the right according to individual needs. For left-handedness, this makes eating easier because there is less need to turn the wrist. The front part can be adjusted by a small screw on the bottom.
The elastic wrist strap holds the spoon firmly on the hand, even when not gripping tightly.

Features / Components:

- Material: polyester thermoplastic

Price (without guarantee):

29.99 EUR including VAT. (distribution)
End user price

Product Information from the Manufacturer / Distributor:

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Neuer Messplatz 3
79108 Freiburg
Germany Telephone: 0761 21606998 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Weight: approx. 40 g
Total length: approx. 16 cm
Handle length: 11.5 cm
Width front part: 3.3 cm



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