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Feuchte Pflegehandschuhe für die Haut

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Washing glove for washing without water

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Feuchte Pflegehandschuhe für die Haut

Areas of Application:

- Bed rest
- Skin
- Hair


With one application, the patient is cleaned by the integrated care lotion. The damp wash glove can be used cold for immediate use or heated in the microwave. The skin is cooled by the lotion and unpleasant odors are absorbed. The pH value is low, so that it has an antibacterial effect.

Resealable pack with 8 washing gloves

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3.71 EUR including VAT
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servoprax GmbH
Am Marienbusch 9
46485 Wesel
Germany Telephone: 0281 952830 Email: Homepage:

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