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Mobeli | mobiler Sicht- und Spritzschutz

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Shower splash guard, mobile

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  1. Mobeli, mobiler Sicht- und Spritzschutz
  2. Mobeli, mobiler Sicht- und Spritzschutz
  3. Mobeli, mobiler Sicht- und Spritzschutz
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The mobile splash guard can be attached directly to the tile. It serves as a splash guard and after showering - depending on how it is attached - can be folded up or to the side. The long 3-part curtain arm is made of elastic PVC, so that no rigid leverage forces act on lightweight partition walls, and the caring person comfortably adapts / moves with them when they bend over. Thanks to the combination extension pieces, the curtain mounting arm fits into all common shower sizes without sawing off.

Features / Components:

- secure hold without drilling - just flip the vacuum rocker arm
- with 2 suction pads made of a special rubber compound (diameter 120 mm)
- depending on the arrangement of the suction pads: can be folded away to the side or upwards
- 3-part elastic combination arm (without curtain)
- an integrated automatic brake holds the arm in position
- color white: suction pad housing, rocker arm and Rod
- color black: suction rubber disk
- it does not stick to the body when wet, mold stains and mold formation are excluded
- is flame retardant / self-extinguishing
- with stainless steel weighting tape
- including white shower curtain rings
- dimensions: width 1200 mm , Length 800 mm
- Color: white

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