Case Study
Workplace design of a young person on a farm with a cardiovascular disease


The company is a farm or farm that specializes in keeping bulls.

Disability and functional impairment of the young person:

The young person has a cardiovascular disease and cerebral circulation disorders and is severely disabled. Due to the disability, it should only be used to a limited extent for manual load transport or physically difficult work.

Transition school - job:

The young person obtained his secondary school certificate at a special school. As part of a school internship, he got to know the work on the farm and then applied there for a job as an agricultural worker. The young person has been working on the farm for a year now.

Workplace and duties:

The young person primarily drives wheel loaders and tractors on the farm or private property in order to spread liquid manure, collect and distribute hay, spread manure and remove sewage sludge. He also helps feed the bulls, washes and maintains the machines and cleans the courtyard areas. The young person does not have a driver's license and is currently attending a driving school in order to obtain the driver's license. In order to be able to employ the young person permanently, an additional tractor and an additional wheel loader are required for the farm. Both commercial vehicles are to be equipped with ergonomic air-sprung driver's seats to reduce shock loads and with hydrostatic gears and power steering for easier operation. The wheel loader has already been rented for five months in order to be able to employ the young people sensibly. The rental price will be offset against the purchase, so that the negotiated net price is reduced. The wheel loader and the already existing tractor have been driven by the young person for several months without any particular problems, so that all requirements for a permanent employment relationship are met.

Assistive devices used:

Motor vehicle seats and cushions as well as accessories and adjustments (driver's seats)

Funding and participation:

The integration or inclusion office subsidized the purchase of agricultural vehicles as part of the creation of new jobs. The technical advice was provided by the technical advice service of the integration or inclusion office. The integration of young people with severe disabilities into working life is promoted by the employment agency by granting an integration or wage subsidy for three years.

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