Case Study
Work design for an employee with epilepsy and hemiplegia in a bakery


The employer is a bakery.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

Brain damage resulted in epilepsy and hemiplegia in the man (right). It should only be used to a limited extent for manual lifting and carrying of loads. Because of the regular heavy physical work in his job, he had health and performance problems.

Training and job:

The man is a trained gardener and worked for a landscaping company until he quit due to disability. For some time the man has been working as a cleaner at a bakery. It is an unlimited full-time employment relationship.

Workplace and duties:

As a cleaner, manual cleaning of the baking trays for rolls and bread is one of his tasks. Due to the constantly increasing sale of cakes, which was previously bought in completely and is now produced in-house, the use of a sheet metal cleaning machine is now worthwhile. The employee can therefore be used on the sheet metal cleaning machine to operate, equip and remove the sheets. To do this, he has to insert the used baking trays into the machine and remove the cleaned trays. Appropriate transport trolleys are available for the delivery and removal of the baking trays. Since the sheets are fed individually, only light lifting and carrying work is required. However, he is not working at full capacity with the work on the sheet metal cleaning machine, so he should help with a dough sheeter in the remaining time. Here it is his task to insert the delivered dough into the machine and to remove the rolled out dough and place it on baking trays. This is also an easy physical activity.

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Funding and participation:

The integration and inclusion office supported 60 percent of the purchase of the sheet metal cleaning machine. The advice was provided by the technical advice service of the integration or inclusion office.

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