Case Study
Workplace design for a cutting machine operator with epilepsy and back problems


As a supplier, the company provides order-related spare parts e.g. B. for forklifts and transmissions.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The man has epilepsy. The occurrence of a seizure cannot be excluded. For this reason, special aspects of occupational health and safety must be carried out when performing the activity, e.g. B. when using machines. He also has back pain. He is therefore physically restricted when lifting and carrying loads, but also when bending and bending. The GdB (degree of disability) is 70.

Training and job:

The employee is a trained specialist or cutting machine operator. He was previously unemployed and was hired by the company.

Workplace and duties:

The cutting mechanic is used in production at a new CNC machining center. The machining center is suitable for drilling, milling and tapping. The cutting mechanic is responsible for the operation or import, changing and, if necessary, writing of CNC programs and loading / loading the machining center. Suitable lifting devices (cranes) are available for loading the machining center with heavy and medium-weight workpieces, so that these workpieces can be handled or transported without damaging the back. The working area of ​​the machining center is completely closed and shielded during operation. Chips are transported out of the work area by a chip conveyor. To avoid accidents, the loading of workpieces and the possible removal of chips that have not been removed is only possible at a standstill - appropriate safeguards or sensors are available at the machining center. Due to the standard shielding of the machining process and the security with sensors, there is no particular accident risk - not even for a person with epilepsy.

Assistive devices used:

Cranes, pulley blocks and load handling devices

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Funding and participation:

The integration or inclusion office funded 30 percent of the purchase of the CNC machining center. The advice was provided by the technical advice service of the integration or inclusion office.

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Last Update: 8 Aug 2019