Case Study
Work design for a packer with deafness and intestinal disease


The company manufactures wire products.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The man is deaf and incapable of acoustic information, e.g. B. Spoken language and signals to perceive. Because of the disability, audible information must therefore be changed so that the man can perceive it visually or tactilely. He also has an intestinal disorder and should not be used for activities that involve certain postures (long periods of sitting, frequent stooping and longer periods) prevention of the upper body) and the frequent and heavy manual transport of loads.


The man was initially employed by his employer as a forklift driver. He was transferred to a packaging job because of his physical limitations.

Work duties:

- Open small folding boxes and place them on the conveyor belt of the packaging machine - Operate, monitor and eliminate the packaging machine - Put the closed folding boxes (weight approx. 100-150 g) in the transport boxes and close the transport boxes - Stack transport boxes (weight approx. 5 kg) on ​​pallets


The workstation at the packaging machine was equipped with a visual malfunction indicator in the form of a large rotating red signal lamp, the rotating light of which is reflected on the walls and can be visually recognized by the employee, even if his back is to the signal lamp. He was provided with a height-adjustable work table and a standing aid for packing the folding boxes into the transport boxes. This allows the employee to work ergonomically either in a standing or standing-sitting posture. In addition, a pallet lift or lifting table was provided for stacking the transport boxes on pallets, so that the employee no longer has to bend down when placing the transport boxes.

Assistive devices used:

Worktables Stools and standing seats Lifting and positioning systems

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Funding and participation:

The integration and inclusion office promoted the design for disabled people. The advice was provided by the technical advice service of the integration or inclusion office.

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