Case Study
Retraining of a butcher with spinal disease as an electroplater

Disability and functional restriction of men:

The man has a spinal disorder that resulted in frequent downtime due to pain. Due to the disability, he can no longer perform certain activities or the associated holding and carrying work.


The man worked as a butcher and could no longer practice his profession.


The family doctor initiated a professional reorientation. The butcher then tried to talk to the rehab team at the employment agency. The advice was very detailed and informative. After several conversations, in which the metal sector was initially favored, he then had the idea of ​​starting an apprenticeship as a galvanizer by knowing a corresponding company. The employment agency responded to this request. Therefore, there was no job finding and job testing. Before the training to become a galvanizer in a vocational training agency, the retraining student took part in a five-month rehabilitation preparatory course at the vocational training agency. At the beginning, he had difficulty concentrating, so it was difficult to meet the requirements. He had to repeat the first part of the course due to a lack of theoretical knowledge. However, his practical skills were good. During the course of the apprenticeship, he continued to struggle to meet the theoretical training requirements. He then only passed the final exam in the practical part. After repeating the fourth stage of training and preparing for the exam again, he successfully passed it. His complaints have improved considerably in the course of the retraining. Regarding the final exam, the retraining student was not afraid of the practical part. However, he found the theoretical part to be very stressful.

Transition retraining - job:

As far as the job search was concerned, he felt well prepared by the application training in the professional development agency. Already his first application led to employment in an electroplating company. He still works in the company. Today he is responsible for 48 electroplating baths.

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Funding and participation:

The retraining was funded by the employment agency, which also provided advice and mediation for the professional development agency.

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