Case Study
Workplace design for a newly recruited assistant with spasticity and hip joint disease


The employer is a cut flower wholesaler.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The man is severely disabled and has right-sided spasticity (hemispasticity) of the extremities and a malformation of the right hip joint. It can only be used to a limited extent for activities that require the taking of certain postures (e.g. bending down) and the manual transport of loads. Despite his disability, he can slow down short and medium distances.

Training and job:

The man learned the trade of wholesale and foreign trade. After completing his apprenticeship, he was not taken on, subsequently found no job in the area of ​​his apprenticeship and became unemployed. He therefore also applied for jobs that are not directly related to his learned profession and was thus given a job as an assistant in cut flower wholesale.

Workplace and duties:

The employee is mainly responsible for the order acceptance and the necessary order picking. In this context, office work only occurs to a small extent, so that the picking activity is in the foreground. In the cold room, the employee compiles cut flowers for individual deliveries according to the number and type and arranges them accordingly on shelf trolleys for delivery or collection. The cut flowers and the transport containers are very light and can be moved by the employee despite the existing handicaps. The existing transport car made of galvanized steel has a relatively high weight and is difficult to control due to the poor arrangement of the four castors. The height adjustment of the shelves is also very cumbersome and could not be done by the employee alone. For this reason, the employer purchased lighter transport trolleys made of aluminum, whose light shelves can be quickly and easily adjusted in height using a locking mechanism. Transport trolleys of this type have been used for testing in the neighboring wholesale flower market for some time and have proven their worth. The transport trolleys made of aluminum are considerably lighter than the steel transport trolleys previously used and can be handled easily thanks to the equipment with two swivel castors and two fixed castors. Due to the light weight of the trolleys and the one-handed locking linkage, the height adjustment of the shelf plates is no longer a problem for the employee.

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Funding and participation:

The aid for the newly created job was funded by the Integration and Inclusion Office. The employer also received a wage subsidy from the employment agency as integration assistance as part of the new hiring. The advice was provided by the technical advice service of the Integration and Inclusion Office.

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Last Update: 20 Apr 2020