Case Study
Workplace design for a mentally disabled joiner assistant with back illness


The company is a carpentry business with 14 employees. As a supplier, the company manufactures wooden parts for loudspeakers and its own products, e.g. B. Stackable furniture systems, wooden chairs and adjustable tables.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The man has a mental handicap that limits his ability to learn and remember. He also has a spinal disease that limits his ability to manually move loads. The GdB (degree of disability) is 80.


The man was newly hired by the company as a joiner's assistant.

Workplace and duties:

According to the company, the newly hired carpentry assistant can do simple work according to instructions and with a high degree of repetition. It should therefore be used in the series production of stackable furniture systems. The company intends to purchase a wide-belt sanding machine with a combination unit for a new workstation for the permanent use of the auxiliary. The activities of the assistant then consist of removing the wooden panels to be processed from the transport system (roller conveyors) and placing them in the processing opening after the machine has been preset. The rest of the process then runs automatically and causes the edges to be chamfered. The individual boards are inserted into the machine up to four times in order to process the edges on all four sides. After processing, the boards must then be placed back on the transport system. With the acquisition of the wide belt sander, it is achieved that the employee receives a job with a simply structured activity where he can work long-term.

Assistive devices used:

Conveyor (roller conveyor)

Funding and participation:

The acquisition of the machine for the newly created workplace was funded by the integration and inclusion office. The company also received an integration or wage subsidy from the employment agency, as training took longer and was more time-consuming due to the disability.

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