Case Study
Workplace design for a farmer with a hand impairment


The farmer runs his own small business with around 20 hectares of usable space and around 30 large cattle. Disability and functional impairment in men: Two to five fingers on the left of the farmer were amputated because of an accident at work. Due to the disability, the man is only able to handle and transport loads manually to a very limited extent.

Training and job:

The man is a trained farmer.

Workplace and duties:

Up until now, the farmer had to manually feed the livestock with feed (e.g. hay and concentrated feed). To do this, he loaded a wheelbarrow with a shovel with feed and then brought it to the stables. After the accident at work, this way of working is no longer possible. The manual work is now supported by a hay crane attached to the ceiling of the barn with a pendant button for one-hand control and a gripper as a load handling device. With the help of the hay crane, the hay is transported from the barn via a rail system. The hay is then transported to the cattle with the additionally purchased Hoftrac (farm loader) - the Hoftrac also enables the concentrate to be transported. The Hoftrac has a steering wheel with a rotary knob and can be easily controlled with one hand via the power steering. The farmer can continue to carry out his activities thanks to the disabled-friendly workplace design.


For driving and operating the yard loader, an occupational medical examination was carried out to check the suitability for driving, controlling and monitoring activities. For this purpose, a corresponding assessment was carried out by an occupational physician. The suitability of the farm loader for use by the farmer has also been confirmed by the agricultural trade association.

Assistive devices used:

Vehicle accessories and adaptations for operating the steering (steering wheel buttons) Cranes, pulley blocks and load handling equipment

Funding and participation:

The Agricultural Employer's Liability Insurance Association advised and promoted disability-friendly work design based on responsibility after the accident at work.

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Last Update: 21 Dec 2020