Case Study
Workplace design for a truck driver


The company is a freight forwarder.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The man has a back disease, an arm disability on the right and a respiratory disease. In general, it should not be used for activities that require manual load transport and the use of certain postures (frequent stooping or bending). In addition, it should not be used specifically for driving activities that lead to increased stress on the spine due to frequent strong impacts and vibrations. The GdB (degree of disability) is 60. Trainig and job: The man is a trained chimney sweep. Due to the existing disabilities, he was retrained as a professional driver. After almost two years of unemployment, the man found a new permanent position as a driver for the company.

Workplace and duties:

The company acquired a new truck or articulated truck for long-distance transport by expanding its range as part of the expansion. The driver only uses this to transport containers that are loaded and unloaded with a crane. There are therefore no manual loading activities. The work of the employee is limited to driving the articulated lorry. However, the new semitrailer had to be purchased with the following special equipment to make it suitable for handicapped people: - a specially sprung orthopedic driver's seat to protect the spine from shocks and vibrations. - A driver's cab with a particularly high overall height, as the employee sleeps in the bunk in the driver's cab during long-distance journeys and does not have to stoop to get dressed and undressed. A constant comfortable climate is achieved by the standard air conditioning. In the case of long idle times in winter, the auxiliary heater, which is also available as standard, also helps. In this way, stresses on the diseased respiratory system can be avoided.

Assistive devices used:

Motor vehicle seats and cushions as well as accessories and adjustments (driver seats)

Funding and participation:

The handicap-friendly design for the newly created workplace was promoted by the integration and inclusion office. The advice was provided by the technical advice service of the integration and inclusion office.

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Last Update: 4 May 2021