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Work layout for a restricted growth office commercial clerk


The company is a workshop for disabled people. The services of the workshop include B. manual and mechanical assembly and packaging work, metalwork, testing and cleaning work (laundry). Over 500 people with disabilities work in the workshop and are looked after by full-time staff.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The man is short and has a spinal disease called scoliosis. This entails a restriction of his gripping space and a reduction in physical strength when handling and operating objects and operating elements. Furthermore, it can only be used to a limited extent for activities that require long periods of standing, sitting or frequent bending. The degree of disability) is 100.

Training and job:

The man completed vocational training as an office clerk in a vocational training center. After completing his training, he switched to full-time staff in the workshop for disabled people as an office clerk.

Workplace and duties:

The office clerk works in the workshop's order management. In the area of ​​procurement he is responsible for: - the IT-technical recording and support of customer data, - the writing of bills and payment reminders and - for IT price adjustments in the relevant database. Entering and changing customer data, as well as writing invoices or payment reminders, takes place at a computer workstation with the help of appropriate commercial software. The screen workstation is with: - a work chair that can be lowered to fit the body, - a work table that can be height-adjusted by an electric motor (in a standing or sitting position) and - a small field keyboard to compensate for the limited reach fitted.

Assistive devices used:

Keyboards (small field keyboard) Work tables Work and office chairs

Funding and participation:

The disability-friendly design was 100 percent funded by the integration and inclusion office. Advice was provided by the technical advice service of the integration and inclusion office.

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Last Update: 20 Jan 2021