Case Study
Workplace design for a person of small stature working in waste disposal


The company is a recycling company.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The man is short. His grip and foot space and his ability to manually lift and carry loads are limited. The degree of disability is 50.


The man works as a disposer for packaging material and waste at the company.

Workplace and duties:

Due to the disability, the employee had considerable problems in carrying out the activities to be carried out by him. It was still possible and reasonable to pick up leftover waste in the operating areas with the technical aids available (pallet trolleys, lattice boxes, etc.). However, there were problems with loading the waste into the large containers with compacting presses in the outside area. He also had difficulties stacking and sorting out damaged pallets for intermediate storage and using the order picker. In order to adapt the working conditions to meet the needs of the disabled and to eliminate the problems, the large containers with compressors were lowered so that they can be easily filled for the employee. For this purpose, lifting and lowering systems were installed in excavated depressions for the container. A forklift device is now used as a solution for stacking in the area of ​​the clipboard, which picks up the pallets like a forklift without an underrun and enables the residual materials to be automatically stacked. The order picker was adapted by lowering the seat and relocating the controls to the restricted reach and foot space. The employee can now carry out the work to be carried out independently and without major physical strain.

Assistive devices used:

Power-driven industrial vehicles for lifting and transporting material (order picker) Lifting and positioning systems (pallet stacker)

Funding and participation:

The Inclusion Office subsidized the conversion of the order picker 100 percent. The remaining adjustments or technical facilities are also used by the other employees. These technical facilities thus also improve the working conditions for the other employees - which is the company's job in the context of occupational safety. The Inclusion Office therefore only partially funded the technical facilities. The advice was provided by the technical advice service of the Inclusion Office.

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