Case Study
Car customization for a taxi driver with back problems


It is a taxi company that hired a previously unemployed man with severe disabilities.

Disability and functional restriction of the employee:

The man often has pain in the spinal column and the entire back muscles and is severely disabled. It should therefore not be exposed to strong or frequent impacts. In addition, his spine should be supported when he is seated.


The man did not learn a trade and was newly hired as a taxi driver for the company. Since he had previously worked as a taxi driver in the town, he already had the so-called taxi license or passenger transport license required for driving a taxi.

Workplace and duties:

As a taxi driver, the man sits in his vehicle most of the time. The forward-facing natural curvature of the spine (lordosis) was not adequately supported and his back pain increased. In order to reduce the stress for the taxi driver and thus to eliminate the complaints, an orthopedic driver's seat was installed, which can be adapted to the special working conditions. The driver's seat is equipped with an adjustable lumbar support and cushioning elements. This combination provides better support for the upper body and the spine while at the same time reducing the transmission of possible impacts to the spine, whereby the taxi driver and his customers hardly experience any impacts due to the actually good suspension of the taxi. In addition, the driver leaves the taxi when he has no passengers and thus avoids a permanent static sitting posture. He goes around the vehicle and does some stretching exercises, which he learned as part of physiotherapy and can also do while doing his job. In this way, the driver can carry on with his work without putting any major strain on the spine.

Assistive devices used:

Motor vehicle seats and cushions as well as accessories and adjustments

Funding and participation:

The disability-friendly design was promoted by the employment agency, as the man was previously unemployed. Advice is provided by the employment agency's technical advice service.

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Last Update: 4 May 2021