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Zubehör Pflegehand

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Brush for body care

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Brush with 42 cm long, slightly curved wood style for the entire body care such as washing, brushing and creaming.

Features / Components:

Material: natural wood, oiled
Attachment: with Velcro connection for various applications
- Back brush with replaceable sponge and pads.

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Walter's Pflegehand
Maintalstr. 9
96149 Breitengüßbach
Germany Telephone: 09544 1376 Email: Homepage:


servoprax GmbH
Am Marienbusch 9
46485 Wesel
Germany Telephone: 0281 952830 Email: Homepage:


Model: Price:
Steel Stem 17,73 EUR
Velcro fastener 10,12 EUR
Pillow cushions wedge-shaped, for the back 7,97 EUR
Hand strap for fixing the items 5,71 EUR



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