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Body dryer for shower cubicles

The dryer consists of a column with hot air nozzles attached to the shower wall.
The ambient air is sucked in and warmed up by the built-in motor when it is switched on. The heated air is then discharged again through a plurality of nozzles.
By pressing the compressed air button once, the first power stage of the body dryer is unlocked. If the body dryer is switched to the first power stage before the shower, condensation and water vapor are reduced.
The second power stage is activated by repeated actuation of the compressed air button. The body dryer now shows its full performance. After 2.5 - 3 minutes the body was dried.
After the drying process, the compressed air knock is actuated a third time and the body dryer is switched off.

Technical Data:
Temperature of the outflowing air:42 degrees Celsius within a radius of 30 cm within the shower enclosure
Power supply:220/240 volts
Power:12 Amp
Power Rating:2.9 Kw
Splash protection:IPX4
Sound level:70dB (A)
Special electro cables (on request with plug):6 m

Price (without guarantee):
999.00 EUR included (Schrama Handels GmbH)
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Schrama Handels GmbH


Reha & Care Körpertrockner GbR

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