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Saraya UD 1000 Sensorspender

Product Type:
Battery-operated sensor dispenser for disinfectant or foam soap

Areas of Application:
- Hand disability
- Arm disability
- One-handedness

The dispensing mechanism is triggered without touching and gives exactly the set amount of disinfectant (1.4 ml) or foam soap ( 0.75 g)
The range of the sensor can be individually adjusted with the help of a controller. A safety mechanism prevents liquid from escaping when the front flap is open.
The red flashing LED light indicates low battery status. Green light indicates operational readiness. Battery operation makes a power connection superfluous and enables more than 100,000 spray processes. A transparent window enables the filling level to be checked when the front flap is closed.

Price (without guarantee):
59.17 EUR including VAT (sales)
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keine Angaben

Distributor: GmbH & Co. KG

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