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Homecraft Zehenreiniger

Product Type:
toe cleaner

The toe cleaner helps people with limited ability to reach their feet and to keep their toes. Ideal for pregnant women and those with arthritis, hip replacement, diabetes and cast on the limbs. A terry-based pillow lies over a wire frame that fits between the toes.

Features / Components:
Material: Handle: Wire frame with plastic handle
Cover: terry

Technical Data:
Total length: 71 cm
Cleaning pad: 12 x 8 cm
Handle: 2.5 cm in diameter
Weight: 300 g

Price (without guarantee):
19,90 EUR including VAT (sales)
Price Date: 09.09.2016



Product information of Manufacturer/Distributor:

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Performance Health International Ltd.


RUSSKA Ludwig Bertram GmbH

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