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Rückencremer Plus +

Product Type:
U-shaped creaming aid for cream or lotion

Areas of Application:
- Restricted movement
- Creaming the skin

The 7-chamber system enables even dosage. 17 movable balls massage the care products in.
The long handle is used to reach distant areas of the body. The protective cap prevents the cream from running out.
The balls can be removed for cleaning.

Features / Components
- 3-part handle: can be used straight or in a U-shape
- Shower sponge for lathering and distributing the soap
- With a loop for hanging
- U-shaped handle

Technical Data:
Diameter attachment: 8.9 cm

Price (without guarantee):
19.49 EUR including VAT (sales)
Retail price



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Hydas GmbH & Co. KG

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