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Saraya NoTouch ADS-500/1000 Spender, Desinfektionsmittel / Seife

Product Type:
Non-contact dispenser for liquid soap or disinfectant

Areas of Application:
- hand disability
- arm disability
- one-handedness
- for liquid soap
- for disinfectants

This sensor-controlled disinfectant or soap dispenser can be used in all areas where hand disinfection or hand cleaning must be carried out regularly.
The sensor-controlled mechanism prevents nosocomial infections because the donor does not come into contact with the hands in any way. The Saraya ADS-500/1000 universal sensor dispenser can be used free-standing or mounted on a wall.
The pump can be changed in just a few simple steps on the dispenser. The spray pump can be used to use hand disinfectant - the drip pump can be used for soap and disinfectant. All moving parts on the dispenser can be removed, making it easy to clean the automatic soap and disinfectant dispenser with sensor.
A battery pack keeps the dispenser running for over 10,000 doses.

Features / Components:
- Suitable for 500 ml and 1000 ml euro bottles
- With insert for 500 ml Euro bottles
- For liquid soaps and disinfectants
- 2 pump tubes for 500 ml bottles
- With drip tray
- With drip pump for liquid soap
- With spray pump for hand disinfectant
- With lock and (Saraya Universal) key
- With front cover
- Incl. Mounting plate and screw set
- Incl. 4 x LR20 / Type D batteries
- For wall mounting or free-standing
- Material: Plastic

Technical Data:
Measurements: h 190 mm × w 104 mm × d 312 mm
Weight: 0.91 kg

Price (without guarantee):
249.00 EUR including VAT (sales)
Retail price



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