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Hewi Vorhangstange suizidhemmende Ausführung

Product Type:

Shower curtain rod, suicide-resistant version

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Hewi Vorhangstange suizidhemmende Ausführung

Areas of Application:

- shower aid
- shower
- shower partition
- Suicide-resistant version


HEWI offers special shower bars for sanitary areas with high security requirements, such as in forensic or psychiatric facilities. They are designed to be suicide-resistant. The curtain rod is held in place by magnets and releases from the bracket when the load exceeds 25 kg. The rod can be reattached using the magnetic attachment.

Features / Components:

- Pole with magnetic mounting rosettes
- The rod comes loose at a load of approx. 25 kk
- With a continuous aluminum core
- 1025 mm long with 10 curtain rings, can be shortened on site to 200 mm
- ø 33 mm, rosettes ø 80 mm
- made of high quality polyamide

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HEWI Heinrich Wilke GmbH
Prof.-Bier-Str. 1 - 5
34454 Bad Arolsen
Germany Telephone: 05691 82-0 Email: Homepage:


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