Assistive Product
Patientenlifter Elli 800

Product Type:

power-driven lifter

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  1. Patientenlifter Elli 800
  2. Patientenlifter Elli 800 mit Liege

Areas of Application:

- lifting aid when sitting or lying

Features / Components:

- Transfer (bath, bed, wheelchair, toilet, floor)
- Lifting and lowering inside the bathtub
- with seat, couch, sheet or sling systems combined
- adjustable back
- and footboards
- air hand button
- Emergency shutdown - battery operation

Price (without guarantee):

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Trautwein GmbH
Denzlinger Str. 12
79312 Emmendingen
Germany Telephone: 07641 4677-0 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

chassis Length: 79.5 cm
Chassis width: 77 cm
clearance: 11 cm
Lifting height: 3-830 cm
with stroke extension: 3 - 103 cm
Max. Lifting capacity 150 kg
Weight 12.9 kg



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