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Sitzerhöhung Toilette <190kg

Product type:
Attachable toilet seat riser
- for obesity

The toilet seat riser is hooked into a clamping rail for attachment, which in turn is attached to the existing hinges of the toilet. Thus, the respective user of the toilet can install or remove the booster seat as needed. Since the plastic construction consists at the same time of elevation and seat ring, difficult to clean joints or joints eliminated.

Features / Components:
- fixed armrests
- clamping rail (for fixing under the toilet hinges)
- 4 slotted discs, if necessary for stabilizing the clamping rail
- hygiene cutout, front
- with integrated seat ring
- antibacterial plastic

Technical Data:
additional seat height (without toilet ring):10.0 cm
Width of the seat:38.0 cm
Depth of the seat:39.0 cm
Opening width:22.0 cm
Opening depth:26.0 cm
Ring width:9.5 cm
Height of the armrests:20.0 cm
Length of the armrests:25.0 cm
Armrest distance:50.0 cm
Inside distance of the long holes:12.0 cm
Width of the long holes:1.0 cm
distance between the outer edges of the long holes:20.4 cm
required hinge distance (for hinges with 1.0 cm diameter):between 12.5 and 18.4 cm
weight with lid:2.8 kg
weight without lid:2, 7 kg
max. Load capacity:190,0 kg

model order number
with cover 030510
without cover 030511

- suitable for all standard toilet bowl

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor



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  • loading capacity, 190 kg



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