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Ropox WC-Lifter

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Wall-mounted toilet lift

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  2. Ropox WC-Lifter


The toilet lift brings a person into a sitting or standing position.
The Ropox toilet lifter can be combined with all common wall-mounted toilet bowls.

Features / Components:

- Support when sitting down and getting up
- manually or electrically height adjustable

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Ropox A/S
Ringstedgade 221
4700 Næstved
Denmark Telephone: +45 557505-00 Email: Homepage:


Lunavis GmbH & Co. KG
Am Schützenplatz 12
21337 Lüneburg
Germany Telephone: 04131 768360 Email: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Electrical height adjustment: 40.5 to 80.5 cm
Appliance dimensions in the lower position: 118 x 79 x 20.5 cm

Options / Accessories:

- hand switch
- support arms
- backrest



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