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Aerolet vertical

Product Type:
Toilet stand-up aid, vertical

The appliance is placed over the toilet or shower toilet from the front. On the left and right in the legs are 2 synchronously running lifting drives on which the seat and the hinged armrests are mounted. Depending on the clinical picture, the control panel (push-button) can either be attached to the left, right, or anywhere on the armrests, and can also be operated using the manual or oral control. The lift is attached to the toilet ceramic without additional drilling, so no slippage is possible, even with severe movement restrictions. Especially for people whose legs have to be fully stretched when getting up.

Features / Components:
- 4 feet of stainless steel adjustable in height
- splash water protection cover ABS
- toilet seat, electrically height adjustable max 85-95 cm
- seat frame V2A white impact protection paint and glasses with cover
- seat moves vertically without tilting upwards
- Armrests made of V2A hinged
- Control in the armrests optional Pat. Adapted
- fixed or free-standing-mobile
- No damage to tiles by drilling
- Approved up to 150 kg in special 250 kg
- Standard 220 v or 24 volt battery Operation
- suitable for reuse
- suitable for all common shower toilets
- also freestanding - mobile available
- incl. Mounting material
- maximum load 150 kg in special construction up to 250 kg

- AER- 17 VE / ST suitable for toilet 40cm
- Seat height adjustment stroke from 40-50 cm to 85 cm -95 cm
- AER-19 VE / GE fitting made for Geberit 8000P shower toilet
- AER-20 VE / CL made to order for Closomat shower toilet
- AER -21 VE / BI suitable for Montafon and Span shower toilet
- AER.22 VE / SM slim model for tight toilets
- AER-23 VE / 24 Volt battery device with charger u. Ersatzakku
- AER-24 VE / MO made with wheels and brakes

Price (without guarantee):
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