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AEROLET diagonal Toilettenlift

Product Type:
Toilet stand-up aid, diagonal

Electric motor driven toilet stand-up aid with side tube clamps, which are designed as armrest / handle. The seat is lifted by lifting arms and at the same time pivots about a pivot located in front of the seat, whereby a stroke-pivoting movement is achieved. The power is supplied by mains voltage or in conjunction with a rechargeable battery. The lifting movements are controlled by buttons integrated into the support handles. The toilet support is mounted instead of the existing toilet seat and is also supported on the floor. The lifter is individually manufactured for each toilet and clinical picture of the customer.

Features / Components:
Aerolet toilet lift ST with toilet seat Colani R26000 without cover:
- can be mounted or built over, for all common shower-toilet or
- Bidet
- electric motor driven toilet-stand-up-aid with side tube-hangers, which are designed as armrest / handle

Technical Data:
load:125 kg, max. 150 kg
Bariatric model:up to 250 kg
Distance between wall and mounting holes of ceramic:85 mm
Length of support handles:680 mm
Width of toilet lift:675 mm
Armrests, height-adjustable:630 mm to 890 mm
Max , Hub for toilet 40 cm:up to 1000 mm

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.




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Closomat GmbH

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