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Product Type:
Toilet Seat-Lift

Areas of Application:
- Toilet help
- toilet stand-up aid
- movement restriction
- obesity

The basic device Liftolet can be upgraded to Duscholet. With the help of a shower arm can be showered with appropriate floor with water drain over the toilet, and the tedious transfer from the toilet to the shower is eliminated.
The space for the side entry from the wheelchair can be used for standing showering thanks to the swiveling shower arm. This creates a toilet-shower unit that does not take up more space than a bathtub.

In the support handles are two buttons with which the toilet seat is moved up and down along with the support handles.
Sit down:
To sit down, first the toilet seat is raised until you can sit on the toilet seat edge while standing. At the push of a button, the seat and the support handles simultaneously move down to the normal toilet seat height. The user slowly takes his normal sitting position without effort.

Get up:
Just as you have sat down comfortably, so you get up again. At the push of a button, the toilet seat and the support handles move upwards again until you are completely upright.

Features / Components:
- floor-mounted
- electrically height adjustable on two wall rails
- Support handles, both sides with confirmation switch, can be folded up
Seat element:
- Anatomically shaped seat with lid
- Fixing:floor-mounted
Cleaning:The electrical equipment is splash-proof.

Technical Data:
Height adjustment:400 mm
Lifting speed:10 mm / s
Load capacity:150 kg
Connection:230 V / 50 Hz power supply
Power consumption:180 W
Drive and switch:24 V
Protection class:IP 66

Options / Accessories:
- Toilet paper holder, mountable on both support handles
- Showering device for intimate hygiene
- Button for flushing, can be mounted at the front on both support handles
- Emergency call button, front end mounted on both support handles
- bottom plate

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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