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Rhombo-fill Universalhörnchen

Product Type:
positioning ring, open

The open positioning ring can be used flexibly. So he supports the cervical spine while lying down, while sitting is free positioning of the buttocks possible. Various body parts can thus be stored soft. Even a toilet chair can be padded. The open positioning ring contains a filling of rhombic cut air cell sticks. These are made of PUR foam. Due to their shape they fall in layers on top of each other, which causes a smooth cushion surface and thus a good pressure relief. Constant air circulation guarantees good air conditioning.

Features / Components:
Care properties:
- can be washed up to 95 degrees C
- chemothermal disinfection up to 60 degrees C possible with products based on peracid
- dewater in spin dryers and press
- dryers up to 105 degrees C, do not over dry
- shake well after drying
- steam sterilization in the VDV chamber to 105 degrees C
- do not use fabric softeners

Technical Data:
Diameter: 40 cm

Price (without guarantee):
43.00 EUR including VAT (sales)
Retail price
Price Date: 11.12.2018



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Lück GmbH & Co. KG


Lück GmbH & Co. KG

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