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Liftolet Tilty / Liftolet Tilty Duo

Product Type:
Electric toilet stand-up aid
Toilet seat lift

The seat lift works like a stand-up chair. The user is steplessly brought into a sitting or standing position. A physiologically correct sequence of movements supports the user in the process of getting up by hand.
The aid can be installed over all common toilets without tools and does not restrict normal users. The height of the toilet seat or uneven floors can be adjusted using the rotatable feet. The support handles can be folded up.
There are two buttons on the hand control with which the toilet seat can be moved up and down together with the support handles.

To sit down, the toilet seat is first raised until you are able to sit down can sit on the toilet seat while standing. At the push of a button on the hand control, the seat and the support handles simultaneously move down to the normal toilet seat height. The user slowly assumes his normal sitting position with little effort.
At the push of a button, the toilet seat and the support handles move up again until one is fully upright again.
The electrical equipment is splash-proof (suitable for wall mounting).

Technical Data:
Model: LT-1000-T: LT-1000-TD:
Electrical connection: 230 V 230 V
Protection class: IPX6 IPX6
Total width: 54.6 cm 54.6 cm
Total depth: 64.2 cm 64.2 cm
Seat height front edge: 45.6 cm 45.6 cm
Seat height rear: 48.7 cm 48.7 cm
Product weight: 25.0 kg 25.0 kg
Maximum load capacity: 85.0 kg 155.0 kg

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.



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