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Document type: Compilation article Research report/Study Online-Publication
Publication title: Assistive technology in the toilet - Field test of an ICT-enhanced lift-WC

Poster auf dem 28. Rehabilitationswissenschaftlichen Kolloquium vom 15. bis 17. April 2019 in Berlin

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Rehabilitation - Shaping healthcare for the future


Fazekas, Gabor; Pilissy, Tamas; Sobjak, Anna [i. a.]


Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund (DRV Bund)


Berlin: Self-published, 2019, page 520-521



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Fazekas, Gabor; Pilissy, Tamas; Sobjak, Anna [u. a.]

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Online-Publikation anzeigen (in: Reha-Kolloquium 2019) (PDF | 3,4 MB)

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The iToilet project of the EU aimed to develop an intelligent assistive toilet system so as to make the toilet use safer and more comfortable for people with physical disabilities. This study tested the iToilet in everyday use.

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