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IryPump S Set

Product Type:
Irrigation Set

According to manufacturers specification:
- The stoma is located in the descending part of the colon
- The intestine has retained its regular function and the bowel movement is firm and shaped
- The patient is able to stand alone

The patient has the option to irrigate at the same time

according to the manufacturers instructions:
- Prolapsed Stoma
- Hernias
- Siphon formation
- Inflammatory bowel disease
- Stenosis
- Radiotherapy or chemotherapy
- Bad General Condition
- Circulatory Disorders
- Abdominal or Endodontic Operations Within the Last 3 Months

Features / Components:
- Electrically Operated Irrigator
- Rechargeable Battery
- Temperature Indicator
- Knob
- Up to 48 Hours Chair Freedom
- Individually adjustable
- even water flow
- electronic pump control

- IryPump S (irrigation pump, water container and mains adapter)
- IryCone + (Cone with tube system, free of latex and DEHP)
- IrySleeve Irrigation Tube Bag 60 mm
- Iryflex Base Plate
- StomaCare Belt
- Petite Mini Bag 82 x 71 mm
- Softima Active Mini Bag Beige (220 ml)
- Transport Bag

Technical Data:
Article no. Pharmaceutical Central No.
IryPump S Set 29120EN 09688653

Options / Accessories:
Accessories Article no. Central pharmaceutical no.
IryCone + (cone with hose system) 29220EN 09688741
IryPump power adapter 29030EN 09688682
IryPump water container 29240EN 09688699
IrySleeve Irrigation hose bag 60mm 60630EN 09432132
Iryflex base plate F05064EN 03383616
B. Brown StomaCare Belt 5028DE 00433331

Price (without guarantee):
The price is available on request from the manufacturer / distributor.




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B. Braun Melsungen AG


B. Braun Melsungen AG

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