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Wasch-Schaum Tena Wash Mousse (400 ml)

Product Type:

Wash Spray and Care Foam

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TENA Wash Mousse Wasch- & Pflegeschaum

Areas of Application:

- Skin Cleanser
- Urinary Incontinence


The spray is a supplement to body cleansing for incontinence.
The conditioner is a 3-in-1 product that delicates delicate and stressed skin gently cleans, regenerates and protects. TENA Wash Mousse is suitable for frequent washing and as an alternative to cleaning with soap and water as well as a supplement to conventional skincare products.

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4,99 EUR including VAT (sales)
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Essity Germany GmbH
Sandhofer Str. 176
68305 Mannheim
Germany Telephone: 01806 121222 (Festnetzpreis max. 20 ct/min; Mobilfunkpreise 60 ct/min.) Email: Homepage:


Aktivwelt GmbH
Provinostr. 52
86153 Augsburg
Germany Telephone: 0821 20709650 Email: Email: Homepage: Homepage:

Technical Data:

Content: 400 ml spray



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