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Assistive Product Plak-Vac Zahnbürste mit Absaugvorrichtung

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Toothbrush with suction device


The Plak-Vac toothbrush with suction device is a special brush for cleaning the entire interior of the mouth. This leads to a significant reduction in bacterial infections, chronic bad breath and the risk of aspiration. In addition, the entire oral cavity is gently stimulated, which has a positive effect on the sensation of stimulation.
Plak-Vac is connected to the suction hose of a suction device. Special suction hoses with a funnel-shaped extension piece are suitable for an airtight seal. The suction power is regulated by an oval opening on the back of the Plak-Vac.
As long as this opening is covered by a finger, Plak-Vac has full suction power, the larger the opening, the lower the suction power. Depending on the equipment of the suction device, the suction power can also be regulated on the device. The suctioned secretion is passed through the suction head of the brush into the hollow handle of the Plak-Vac and from there through the suction tube into the secretion container of the suction device.
The Plak-VacTM toothbrush with suction device is intended for use by one patient.

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