Assistive Product Winter-Thermocape

Product Type:

Winter thermal tape for people in wheelchairs

Areas of Application:

- for rehab trolleys with seat shell


The Inpetto thermal tape is suitable for supplying rehab trolleys with a body-adapted seat shell. Normal jackets are not suitable for this supply, as the seat shell does not offer space for a thick jacket. In addition, putting them on is often very tedious and painful. A closed slip-on bag is also unsuitable for seat shells in most cases. The Inpetto Thermocape is not on the back, but is stretched behind the backrest with an all-round elastic band. Thanks to the special cut, the jacket can be put on from the front without having to loosen any fixations.
The cape is wide enough to cover large seat shells. There is a zipper on the lower edge of the jacket for attaching the leg protection. The jacket can also be worn separately. The foot section extends back to the front edge of the seat. The seat remains free. This means that an abduction wedge is also possible. It is recommended not to pull the leg protection over the footboard. It could then drag on the wheels, and under certain circumstances cannot be pulled up to the edge of the seat at the back.

Features / Components:

- windproof
- waterproof
- breathable
- fleece lining

Price (without guarantee):

349.00 EUR including VAT,
depending on size
retail price

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